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Hi, I'm John Wiser, founder of Tristar Marketing Solutions.

My agency is built on a solid foundation of results. We have helped our clients increase their revenue and profits using only the most tried and true methods across multiple platforms.

When you hire Tristar, you aren't hiring a freelancer that is using your dollars to learn as they go. You will be hiring an agency that will get your results guaranteed.

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Website Design

Website Design / Branding

Website Design

Reputation Management

Website Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website Design

Social Media Marketing



About Us​

Marketing Agency - Best Digital Marketing & Local SEO Agency in Smyrna, TN​

Serving the Greater Nashville Area as well as select local markets across the United States.​

Tristar Marketing Solutions began as a local marketing agency, serving Rutherford County Tennessee and surrounding areas. Since 2021, we have expanded our client bases throughout the United States. Our main focus is helping small businesses, contractors and professionals improve their visibility on the web.

We use a personal approach and take the time to learn about our clients, their needs and build the most effective solutions to help their business grow. No two businesses are alike, so we do not offer a "One-size-fits-all" solution in any situation.

Whether is a new website or optimizing your current website, a complete "done for you" maps ranking system or if you simply want your current listings audited; we can help.

Tristar Marketing Solutions was built from years of studying how people search for services and how to showcase your best work to put you in front of the competition. Coming from a background of owning our own contracting business and other professional services, we understand that your time is valuable. So leave the marketing to us and you do what you do best!

What is a Digital Marketing Agency in Smyrna TN?​

Tristar Marketing Solutions is a full service digital marketing agency. Digital marketing consists of several components. Offering Website design and building, Local SEO and Google Maps Ranking systems, Branding and Logo design, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Reputation Management, Google Business Profile Optimization and Niche / Geo Article writing services.

We work, mainly, with local clients in the Greater Nashville area, however we do offer services to small businesses all across the United States and Canada.

Website Design in Smyrna, TN​

Website Design is one of our flagship services. We first started building simple sites and have grown into a full service web design service, specializing in WordPress design. We work with many platforms, but we have found that WordPress offers the most robust options to build a spectacular website. It is also very SEO friendly, which helps our clients in their ranking efforts.

Local SEO and Google Maps Ranking Service in Smyrna, TN​

Today, SEO is all about connecting local consumers with local businesses. Without the proper setup, small business owners can find themselves buried in the search rankings... well below their competition.

Tristar Marketing Solutions offers complete, "Done For You" systems for small business owners that get them ranked. This ultimately increases calls, leads and revenue.

Tristar offers 3 main packages as well as one-off service options to accommodate business owners no matter the stage of growth.

Pay Per Click Advertising in Smyrna, TN​

Pay Per Click Advertising by Tristar Marketing Solutions is a fully managed solution. These type of ads can be displayed on search engines as well as social media to target clients that need your services now.

The service includes: keyword research, ad campaign creation and optimization, A/B testing and more. There are no surprises with our managed PPC services as we charge a flat fee for management monthly. AdSpend costs are controlled completely by the business owner or liaison. This transparent approach sets us apart from most agencies, as we want every cent accounted for.

Social Media Marketing in Smyrna, TN​

Tristar Marketing Solutions offers social media marketing solutions to grow your audience and keep them engaged by scheduling posts on a regular basis. We use themes, color coordinate and sprinkle in calls to action to remind your audience to call on you when they need your services or products.

Mainly, we focus our efforts on Facebook and Instagram. We do offer LinkedIn, Twitter and scheduled Google Business Profile posts as well - for an additional retainer.

Reputation Management in Smyrna, TN​

Reviews are vital to longterm success in the digital age of running a business. 98% of consumers go to Google to find good and services.

If you have no reviews, or even worse - bad reviews, it's likely your business will be passed up for a competitor.

Tristar Marketing Solutions offers a complete, automated review gathering system that only allows the best reviews to reach your Google Business Profile and other review sites.


Digital Marketing is more than simply running ads and throwing together a flashy website. There are many moving pieces. Business owners, such as yourself, do not have the time. That is why Tristar Marketing Solutions has dedicated themselves to being the goto marketing agency for small business owners and professionals.

Whether it's an audit or a full blown marketing campaign that you need, you can be guaranteed that we will have the solution for your business.

All of the services and systems you need to grow your customer base,

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